Kiwi newlyweds in bridal dress

The couple were snapped on the Jumbotron in full bridal wear.

Fox Sports North/YouTube

The couple were snapped on the Jumbotron in full bridal wear.

An ice hockey-mad couple were so committed to the sport they attended a game on their wedding day.

The Minnesota Star Tribune reported Auckland-based couple Erica Skuta and Lewis Blake were married in Skuta’s home state of Minnesota on Saturday, a date which coincided with a showdown between the Minnesota Wild and the Dallas Stars ice hockey teams.

The newlywed couple attended the game after their wedding ceremony, in full bridal regalia.

True love looks like a man wiping cheeseburger juice from his bride's chin at an ice hockey game.

Fox Sports North/YouTube Image by: Dressforau

True love looks like a man wiping cheeseburger juice from his bride’s chin at an ice hockey game.

At Saturday’s game, Blake held a sign that read: “I flew 8044 miles from New Zealand to be at this game (and to get married).”

But it was Skuta’s actions which caught the camerman’s eye. The bride was filmed eating a messy cheeseburger, her husband tenderly wiping wayward drips from her chin.

The footage, which was posted on the Fox Sports North Facebook page, and has been viewed more than 38,000 times.

Skuta told the Star Tribune she was “freaked” by the footage at first.

“I was kind of terrified when I first learned I was eating a cheeseburger on TV,” she said.

“The response has been insane.”

Skuta, an avid Wild fan, had arranged for her groom-to-be to watch a Wild practice as a wedding gift.

The newspaper added the couple would spend their honeymoon hiking and sightseeing along the North Shore to the Canadian border, before returning to New Zealand.


Wear such a bridesmaid gowns in wedding

The emergence of girlfriends, that is the dominating girl in life. At the moment she met her, is bound to each other in my life of ridicule. Bosom friend, she is your best friend, but also irreplaceable good sisters. The maid of honor, as a special place another wedding, both beautiful and elegant and not too high, choose a suitable and appropriate bridesmaid dresses is particularly important. With small make up take a look at this the most color IN bridesmaid dresses, let married sisters accompany you beautiful!

Tea-Length Strapless Bowknot Coral Ball Gown Dress 2016
2016 Strapless Bowknot Coral Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Women

Coral: with cream color coral pink, let bridesmaids looks more lovely. Pale yellow, pale yellow is the color of a kind of pure and holy. Pale yellow dress appropriately the colors of autumn, is invigorating. Bare naked powder milk white: shallow powder, white color is the dress make bridesmaids appears more dignified and elegant!

One-shoulder Sheath Knee-length Coral Chiffon Floral Bridesmaid Dress
One-shoulder Sheath Knee-length Chiffon Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Red: Martha la red is an excellent choice, autumn bridesmaid dresses with a tsundere red, elegant and dignified. Biscay bay color: lush green shade venues, dreamy aquamarine blue bridesmaid dresses, silk lace is exquisite, delicate and elegant.

Appealing Column Chiffon Floor-length Dark Blue One-shoulder Bridesmaid Dress
Chiffon Floor-length Dark Blue One-shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses
Sweetheart Chiffon Maternity Crystal Long Prom Dress
Sweetheart Chiffon Long Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses By Dressforau

Blue purple: interesting unique vitality, the color is a breakthrough, let fall wedding don’t tenderness and appeal. Mirror pool color: fine and quiet color, elegant and cool blue autumn is absolutely the most perfect match colors.

Flowers Sweetheart Satin Floor-Length Bridesmaid Gown Melbourne
Flowers Sweetheart Satin Bridesmaid Dresses Melbourne Sydney

With different color of the dress for bridesmaids look more lively, the colour of profusion and sparkling sequins in became blingbling below the illuminate of lamplight, so shine around the bride, bride appear more bright is dazzing. Bohemia strong color in the autumn of freedom and romantic, there is nothing more than it can reflect colorful autumn.

Black formal dresses suitable for personal wedding

Formal dresses with black woven elastic emulation silk fabrics, very bold on the choice of color, black is mainly suitable for theme wedding party, not too many people in the wedding can choose black, because black by the Chinese basic is defined as the unlucky color.

One Shoulder Bow Sheath/Column Taffeta Bridesmaid Gown

One Shoulder Taffeta Formal Gown Australia Affordable

Elders don’t how can accept black at the wedding dress, but can be very popular in the west. But the black strapless formal dresses with style is very good, upper body style that wipe a bosom, in the chest with two perpendicular line will chest fullness, appear very have feminine taste, at the same time under the chest waist position, then USES the cross broad-brush folding design, which outline the slender waist.

Diamond Strapless Sheath/Column Black And White Formal Dresses

Diamond Strapless Black And White Formal Dresses Australia

And also added some fashionable breath for the maid of honor, but will look at the design of the maid of honor abdominal set off slightly prominent, a little beauty. Lower body skirt has a small fold line, the skirt edge design is a bit like falbala, seem to be very elegant beautiful, improve overall if in their waist can somewhat, so design style is very good.

Yellow bridesmaid dress brings sweet feeling

Shoulder bridesmaid dresses sweet, give a person the first feeling very charming is spruce is the design of small formal attire skirt, especially suitable for bridesmaid dress in spring and summer wedding, in the light of the tender yellow color that light color fastens, because with the white wedding dress is very suitable.

A-Line Strapless Knee-Length Junior Bridesmaid Gown

A-Line Strapless Knee-Length Junior Bridesmaid Gown Discount Online Sale

Chiffon Sweetheart Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown

Chiffon Sweetheart Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown 2016 Online By

The color of skin and tender yellow lining as well the maid of honor, and seems to be used on fabric elastic emulation silk woven, give a person the feeling of very soft straight luster, and of course also generous and decent style design, upper body shoulder strap style, will set off a matron of honour is very fashionable and elegant, drape design, USES the chest at the same time in the chest decorated with a beautiful bow.

V-Neck Taffeta Short/Mini Ruffle Bridesmaid Dresses

V-Neck Short/Mini Ruffle Taffeta Bridesmaid Dresses Australia Sydeny Online

A-Line Knee-Length V-Neck Satin Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress

A-Line Knee-Length V-Neck Satin Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses Sydeny Affordable Online

Bowknot centered fold around, make the bridesmaid chest look more plump type, and add some sexy breath for the maid of honor, and the design of tall waist slightly, not only will the bridesmaid slender leg ministry line, but also to conceal a bridesmaid slightly protruding abdomen, every double design, and short skirt style, especially fashion charming is spruce, that’s too perfect.

Tightness blue formal gowns online

Formal dresses give a person the first feeling is very elegant atmosphere, but that he will be very strange, style the design is a bit unreasonable, but on the fabric, color and style are very good, the formal dresses outer use georgette fabrics and woven layer adopts the elastic emulation silk fabrics, seem to be very elegant and beautiful.

Sky Blue Chiffon Sheath/Column Halter Beading formal dresses

Long Light Blue Formal Dresses Australia As Occasion Dresses

Sweetheart Light Blue Formal Dresses

And the blue formal dress (Image By: Joannesdress) upper shoulders style, will set off a matron of honour is very elegant and generous, chest deep V design at the same time, and within the chest adopts fold to the design of the chest, foil the breast more plump, seem to be very sexy and fashionable, and abdomen tight design, will also outline bridesmaid slender waist.

Cascading Ruffle Split Side Blue Formal Gowns

Mermaid Ruffles Hand-Made Flower Formal Dress

Ruffles Hand-Made Flower Mermaid Formal Dresses

Tied with a ribbon bow at the waist, however, that is very strange, look carefully will find that the abdomen, the two levels, a bit influence aesthetic feeling, and their waist with a large bow has a strong sense of acosmia, overall if will go to the belt, belt abdominal design slightly loose, the effect will be better.

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Double color stitching strapless formal dresses

Formal dresses, whether from color or style is very novel and creative, double color patchwork is used to design color will be two colors blend together, appear very fashionable atmosphere, upper body with ivory white and brown form a strong visual impact, suck.

Mini Layers Fur Strapless Ball Gown Mini Formal Dresses 2016

 Layers Fur Strapless Ball Gown Formal Dress

Strapless Formal Dresses Short 2016

Strapless Formal Dresses Short 2016 Australia

Secondly in terms of style, body low-cut style, will be the maid of honor is shown slightly plump breasts, slightly sexy body appearance, and in the lateral thoracic position adopts fold design, will be more slender figure curve draws the outline of perfect, the design of tall waist slightly at the same time, perfect the color level division between upper and lower body, was particularly elegant and delicate.

Embroidery Ribbon Strapless A-Line Floor Length Beading Formal Wear

Embroidery Ribbon Strapless Formal Wear 2016 Online Sydney

Strapless Crystals Ruffles A-Line Cheap Formal Dresses

Strapless Crystals Ruffles A-Line Cheap Formal Dresses

The waist position also fold design, mainly with upper body drape design echo, appear very harmonious, and in the crotch position open a bag style fork, that he will be as much a layer, so it can foil the abdominal slightly prominent, aesthetic feeling a bit influence, but overall still very good.

Red long formal dress shows online

Woven for formal dresses with a dark red, not red as dazzling, but also appears particularly elegant atmosphere, at the same time on design, the formal dresses are also special creative, upper body style that wipe a bosom, tie-in fold design of the chest.

Chiffon Floor Length Long Red Formal Gowns 2015

Which outline the maid of honor is shown slightly plump bosom line, sexy and fashionable as a slightly and chest is compact design, use silver belt to differentiate the level, special feminine fashion, let a person look more silver bow belt connected ribbon and leg side of the dress, it’s very perfect, and the width of the belt is particularly appropriate, more looks tacky and less a part is false.

Crystal Split Side Formal Dresses Sydney Australia

And skirt is a bit like the tail design, which outline the bridesmaid perfect figure curve, but a little fat to pay attention to the bridesmaid eyebrow in the United States, the formal dresses will easily abdominal proud flesh, affect the aesthetic feeling. To sum up, the red long formal dresses show that wipe a bosom bridesmaid decorous temperament, neither upstage the bride at the wedding, and can show ego charm, is very perfect.

Column Crystal Chiffon Halter Formal Dresses Sydney For Women

Formal dresses is very concise and easy design style, but in the details of all shows a delicate and elegant, on design adopts shoulders deep V design, will set off a matron of honour is very elegant and sexy, and deep V neckline low also is bigger, the design is very risky.

Sweetheart Chiffon Crystal Ruched Floor-Length Evening Dress

Because it is easy to take the bride, but clever is the maid of honor with more complex delicate draped necklace, to attract people’s eyes to the necklace, which is not too bright, at the same time, deep down to the bottom of the V neckline the design of inclined fold, fold line to the depth of the chest convex point location, this will be the maid of honor is shown slightly plump breasts.

Red A-Line Chiffon Strapless Crystals Formal Gowns By Dressforau

And of course design of tall waist, although high waist is a common style in the formal dresses, but this kind of formal dresses of tall waist is three fold design, moderate width, which outline the bridesmaid slender waist, appear very fashionable beautiful, lower body skirt mop the floor, very suitable for winter formal dress, wedding on the whole, revealed the bridesmaid elegant temperament connotation.

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Choose a suitable elegant formal dresses

After the fashion of women into the workplace, you will find formal dress not only celebrities will use, when you deal with all kinds of size occasion of entertainment, conference, and so on and so forth, a nice dress, will allow you to release your charm, to make them more confident and attractive, this is very important in the workplace..

Black Chiffon Halter Full Length Crystals Sheath Formal Wear

Black Chiffon Crystals Sheath Long V Neck Formal Wear 2016

Has a v-neck design with high open fork design formal dresses, their styles are out of the traditional impression, add a lot of new idea, let black dress became a special moment. To this, the collocation handsome black high-heeled shoes, color echo each other, let your fashion aura.

Blue V-neck Chiffon Diamond Backless Formal Dress Australia

Blue V-neck Chiffon Diamond Backless Formal Dresses Australia

To cultivate one’s morality design featuring evening sheet is tasted, let the wearer’s figure is concave and convex have send, all show the amorous feelings of women, and to a certain extent, modify the shape of the buttocks, cooperate with high open fork version to design, moments that make your body curve more sexy.

 Black A-Line V-neck Sleeves Chiffon Applique Evening Dress

Black A-Line V-neck Sleeves Chiffon Applique Evening Dress

Evening wear sleeveless design, green and black collocation, have qualitative feeling very much, and the design of the skirt part, see the designer’s idea, administrative levels feels dye-in-the-wood, fashion novelty, brought show thin effect again at the same time, the best of both worlds.

Purple Tone Sleeveless Pregnancy Formal Dresses

Tone Sleeveless Pregnancy Purple Formal Dresses Addordable Australia

V-neck design evening, highlighting the fuller figure of the wearer, the combination of cultivate one’s morality version with the design of the high open fork, the graceful of women completely show in people’s eyes, and release to belong to your sexy taste, at this time, with high heels, can make visual effect more perfect.

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Right bridesmaid wear to improve your charming

In a wedding, the existence of a bridesmaid is indispensable, and as a bridesmaid, her dress is very important, can neither too ordinary, again not to upstage the bride, you must have female friends also in distress, how to best friend’s wedding, the role of being a good bridesmaid, next, by the garment networking small make up for MM people solve this distress.

Chiffon Floor-Length Pleats Bridesmaid Dress
Chiffon Floor-Length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses 2016 Australia

After perfect tailoring, short before long, the three-dimensional cultivate one’s morality show thin, not too much adornment, simple and easy, foil the bride’s gorgeous, and incisively and vividly show their temperament, go, can’t drown in the crowd.

Satin Knee-Length Ruffle Blue Bridesmaid Gown
Satin Knee-Length Ruffle Blue Bridesmaid Gown Online Affordable

Pale pink bridesmaid dress, color was just right, neither a high-profile, again not vulgar, romantic festival, a traditional Chinese color, unique lace applique, fashion, classic princess dress edition type, reveal elegant aristocratic temperament.

A-Line/Princess Tea-Length Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress
A-Line/Princess Tea-Length Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Short Style

Package hip that wipe a bosom dress, sexy and fashionable, charming and delicate manual nail bead design, high-end grade, atmosphere of white dress with the bride’s wedding dress is tie-in, foil the bride’s beauty, make the wedding more beautiful.

Sweetheart Ruffle Satin Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown
Sweetheart Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown Store Image By Dressforau

Shoulder and hem to use network yarn material, beautiful and moving, temperament elegant, add bud silk, added the female’s gentle, light golden color, low-key but not ordinary, with the bride, not upstage the bride, and not covered under the gorgeous wedding clothes of the bride.

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Formal gowns collocations in spring

The bride dress collocation is the bride taste and style is an important part of. With good bride dress can add a lot of the charm of color to the bride. The bride dress collocation skills is of great significance.

A-Line Knee Length Royal Blue Sash Semi Formal Dresses Online

Spring evening dress collocation effect is to give a person feel warm, transparent and clean feeling.

Strapless Ball Gown Formal Dress

1, color: pale ivory color, warm beige, delicate and clear

2, the hair color: bright such as silk of dark brown, a soft tan, tan. Hair is soft.

Strapless Formal Dresses Short 2016

Strapless Semi Formal Dresses Short 2016 Australia

3, eyes: like glass balls in her eyes, eyes to light tan, topaz, white felt blue lake.

Sweetheart Short/Mini Formal Dress

Chiffon Sweetheart Short Formal Dresses 2016 Affordable

Tie-in tips: the color of the dress at this time of year can’t be too old or too dark. Choose the warm color department of bright color, on the colour collocation should follow the principle of contrast. Suitable for color: green, peach color, beige, lemon, coral, mint and ivory white, if you choose red color, should be given priority to with orange, orange.