Double color stitching strapless formal dresses

Formal dresses, whether from color or style is very novel and creative, double color patchwork is used to design color will be two colors blend together, appear very fashionable atmosphere, upper body with ivory white and brown form a strong visual impact, suck.

Mini Layers Fur Strapless Ball Gown Mini Formal Dresses 2016

 Layers Fur Strapless Ball Gown Formal Dress

Strapless Formal Dresses Short 2016

Strapless Formal Dresses Short 2016 Australia

Secondly in terms of style, body low-cut style, will be the maid of honor is shown slightly plump breasts, slightly sexy body appearance, and in the lateral thoracic position adopts fold design, will be more slender figure curve draws the outline of perfect, the design of tall waist slightly at the same time, perfect the color level division between upper and lower body, was particularly elegant and delicate.

Embroidery Ribbon Strapless A-Line Floor Length Beading Formal Wear

Embroidery Ribbon Strapless Formal Wear 2016 Online Sydney

Strapless Crystals Ruffles A-Line Cheap Formal Dresses

Strapless Crystals Ruffles A-Line Cheap Formal Dresses

The waist position also fold design, mainly with upper body drape design echo, appear very harmonious, and in the crotch position open a bag style fork, that he will be as much a layer, so it can foil the abdominal slightly prominent, aesthetic feeling a bit influence, but overall still very good.