Whittington Bridal in Kingwood For London

Ensuring each bride that walks through the door has her “moment,” Whittington Bridal owners, Kari and Jenna, focus on making brides feel special, loved, beautiful, and most importantly, helping them find the wedding dress of their dreams.

 Akil Bennett | Houston Wedding and Portrait Photographer

We asked the ladies of Whittington Bridal all about their Kingwood bridal shop and what’s currently trending in the Texas bridal market:

What wedding dress trends are hot right now in your area?

A lot of our brides are requesting illusion necklines and are steering away from strapless wedding gowns.

What’s the number one thing your brides are asking for?

Dramatic backs are very important to our brides lately. We have had plenty of brides requesting low backs or some sort of beautiful back detail on their wedding dress.

How do you make the bride’s experience memorable?

From finding the dress, to dressing the bridal party, we are committed to making brides feel special and loved from start to finish. We don’t want brides to feel overwhelmed when gown shopping, so we provide brides an enjoyable, relaxing shopping experience. Each bride enjoys a private stage, large dressing room, and professional suggestions to bring the entire look together – which now defines the Whittington Bridal difference. We love for each bride to have her moment – from the time she walks through the door, to the celebratory champagne toast when she finds the perfect wedding dress!

What’s the most surprising request you’ve ever gotten from a bride?

Once a bride requested a Star Wars inspired wedding dress. She wanted it to match her constellation-themed wedding which was being held in the middle of the night during a meteor shower.

What’s your favorite wedding story from one of your brides?

Not long ago, I had the privilege of working with the sweetest bride whose dad passed away. Her best friend, also a Whittington bride, attended the appointment with her. After an emotional journey, she finally found the wedding dress of her dreams – Essense of London Style D1636! While getting ready to check out, her best friend’s dad made a surprise phone call to pay for her dream dress! This not only brought the bride to tears, but also the entire staff of Whittington Bridal!

What is the best advice you would give a bride as she is shopping for her wedding gown?

When purchasing a wedding gown, you’re not only paying for what you see, but also for what you don’t see. The main factors that influence how much a wedding dress costs is fabric, ornamentation (lace, beading, etc…), lining and inner construction. Wedding gowns with boning and higher grade of construction will fit you better. After all, you can’t put a price tag on a great fit.

For more information you can visit Whittington Bridal at 2665 Royal Forest Drive Suite 30, Kingwood, TX 77339, call them at (832) 644-5655 or visit them online at Joannesdress.co.uk.