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One of my favourite parts of a wedding is when the Bride is getting ready in the morning.. and one of my favourite moments is when I get to see their dress for the first time… hanging with anticipation ready to be worn and loved and looked at and danced in.. it gives me goosebumps every time.  Over the past 3 years we’ve been lucky to photograph some absolutely beautiful dresses and back in November one of our Bride’s wore the sweetest dress you ever did see.. I had to have a little look myself at who was behind this beautiful dress… and when I found Ms Minna I was blown away.. and I think you guys might be too…

 Known for her love affair with lace, Finnish Designer Minna Hepburn launched her romantically bohemian wedding collection in September 2012.  The collection offers a range of affordable (£200 – £500), thoughtfully designed and lovingly hand embellished dresses.  To complete the vintage bridal look, the collection ofers a stunning range of veils, turbans and hair adornments too..

Minna was inspired by her customers wearing her dresses as bridal gowns, thus creating a separate collection to embrace the one-of-a-kind occasion.  She wanted to embody wearability and the eco-spirit within the collection; therefore the versatile dresses are designed to go from vows to cocktails to festivals..

The old marital good luck custom can be added to the dresses to create unique embellishments with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  A favourite love poem or wedding date can be hand embroidered to the dress as well and customers have Minna’s vast archive of lace fabrics to choose from.  The frocks can be altered according to your specification, and different fabrics can be used for Bridesmaids garments for a complete nuptial-look.  Fabrics used vary from creamy silks to detailed laces and chiffons.  The wedding collection stays true to the Minna brand with a rich palette of natural soft powder, ivory and white colours.. I must admit I’m in love with all of them..

Beautiful… bohemian and affordable… what more could you want!! I have a feeling Ms Minna is going to be a very busy lady… :)

You can see more of her wedding and non-bridal collection here..  There is also FREE worldwide shipping!! I’m going back for another look… ;)

Oh and here’s the gorgeous Lauren in her Mina dress…

Your friends will catch bridesmaid dresses

Matchy-matchy bridesmaids might be falling out of favor among brides — lots of brides are content to choose a color and let their friends each pick a dress, matchy-ness be damned. And still, your bridesmaids might prefer to just buy a specific dress that you’ve picked out, for several reasons: (1) They don’t have time (or the desire) to spend searching for the perfect shade of Burnished Unicorn’s Breath Lavender to coordinate with your carefully selected color palette. And (2) They want you to love the dress, which is a lot more likely to happen if you go ahead and pick it yourself.

If you’re okay with just sending your friends a “ATTN: BUY NOW!” bridesmaid dress link, check out the new Serenity collection from Donna Morgan, which features fabrics, silhouettes and details (sparkly sequins!) that your bridesmaids would probably choose to buy if left to their own devices.







Photos by china biggest occasion dresses designer and producer:

The phrase “wear-again potential” always feels like a sham — does anyone, ever? — but the tutu-looking dress would be SO cute for a wedding guest.

Check out the entire Serenity collection on, and click back often for an on-sale date. (It’s reportedly coming any day!)


Hardly tear away from blue bridesmaid gowns

Sapphire for many years in Europe and the wedding industry has been classified as a classic color, one of the traditional symbol of loyalty in love. Dress designers in recent years with creative excavated belong to the color of new personality, the breakthrough tradition, opened up a new fashion of sapphire.

one shoulder blue bridesmaid dresses

2016 Cheap One Shoulder Long Blue Bridemaid Dresses For Discount

Brave, noble and mysterious, low-key luxury, full of charm and a unique taste of the queen, is a modern symbol of sapphire. The combination of tradition and fashion color, also has quickly become fascinates girls’ choice. Let the following blue dress with you experience the queen of noble temperament and bright.

Long Tiffany Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

New Arrival Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Online london For Sale

Sky-blue attune give a person a kind of pure and fresh and beautiful feeling, more foil a skin white and tender, delicate nail bead is active on the waist, clever and shining, and elegant skirt is placed in photograph echo, like fairy otherworldly. In the set off of blue lighted up with flashes of luxury, star fold fold.

blue bridesmaid dresses 2016

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses By China Professional Designer

Also chose a blue bridesmaid dress, the design of the v-neck and waist of catch a wrinkle design highlights a feminine woman. Strapless print dress with nifty and beautiful, and sweet little beautiful girl very take tone, shoulders with a brown leather texture bag special natural, youthful vitality, let a person full of vitality.

A big space for free dresses

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS — You could say Janie Wood is all dressed up with no place to go.

She’s looking for a new storefront to continue her charity — and her passion — to provide formal attire for financially-strapped high school students and military brides.

“I need a home for these dresses. I am so devastated that I’m having to even think about moving all of them,” she said.

We’re All About the Dress is looking for a new home for its free formal wear.

There are thousands of dresses… racks and racks of elegant gowns.  Most of them were donated brand-new, and all of them are in perfect condition at her showroom, We’re All About the Dress, in a strip center at 6242 Rufe Snow Drive in North Richland Hills.

“This is a beautiful little dress, and we’ve had some girls trying it on,” she said, pulling one off the rack.

Wood has been collecting and giving away dresses since 2008.

“Last year we gave away more than 1,200,” she said.

Wood started this for high school girls who couldn’t afford a nice prom dress.  A few years ago, she began giving away wedding dresses for military weddings and balls, focusing on women who are in the service, or who are marrying into the military.

She proudly displayed photo albums of smiling, grateful brides. She pointed to one wedding photo she especially likes.

“That’s the dress she got.  And she’s in the Navy, in Virginia,” Wood said with a smile. She helps military brides as a way to honor her late brother, a Navy SEAL. Wood also gives away shoes, jewelry, makeup, and wedding accessories.

The old landlord donated space for We’re all about the Dress. But a new owner wants rent Janie Wood can’t pay, even though it’s just a fraction of the market rate.

“Gave us the news we have to move in 30 days. That was 30 days ago,” she said.

Wood understands the business aspect, and is thankful she still has a place… for now.  But she said donations she receives don’t even cover electricity and insurance.

“You know, the girls come in, and it’s cold.  I explain to them we don’t have any air or heat,” she said. “They say, ‘That’s OK… we need a dress!’”

Wood recalled the homecoming queen candidate who was about to leave in tears until she found just the right gown.

Teachers bring kids from Dallas. She once sent a dress to a desperate student in California.

So Janie Wood is looking for someone around Tarrant County with a big space… and a big place in their heart. The only payoff is gratitude.

She read one of the many messages she’s received from a bride: ”You guys made our dreams come true.  Love, and God bless. The Sheppards, US Army.”

Janie Wood can be reached at, or call 817-412-0727.

Wear such a bridesmaid gowns in wedding

The emergence of girlfriends, that is the dominating girl in life. At the moment she met her, is bound to each other in my life of ridicule. Bosom friend, she is your best friend, but also irreplaceable good sisters. The maid of honor, as a special place another wedding, both beautiful and elegant and not too high, choose a suitable and appropriate bridesmaid dresses is particularly important. With small make up take a look at this the most color IN bridesmaid dresses, let married sisters accompany you beautiful!

Tea-Length Strapless Bowknot Coral Ball Gown Dress 2016
2016 Strapless Bowknot Coral Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Women

Coral: with cream color coral pink, let bridesmaids looks more lovely. Pale yellow, pale yellow is the color of a kind of pure and holy. Pale yellow dress appropriately the colors of autumn, is invigorating. Bare naked powder milk white: shallow powder, white color is the dress make bridesmaids appears more dignified and elegant!

One-shoulder Sheath Knee-length Coral Chiffon Floral Bridesmaid Dress
One-shoulder Sheath Knee-length Chiffon Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Red: Martha la red is an excellent choice, autumn bridesmaid dresses with a tsundere red, elegant and dignified. Biscay bay color: lush green shade venues, dreamy aquamarine blue bridesmaid dresses, silk lace is exquisite, delicate and elegant.

Appealing Column Chiffon Floor-length Dark Blue One-shoulder Bridesmaid Dress
Chiffon Floor-length Dark Blue One-shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses
Sweetheart Chiffon Maternity Crystal Long Prom Dress
Sweetheart Chiffon Long Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses By Dressforau

Blue purple: interesting unique vitality, the color is a breakthrough, let fall wedding don’t tenderness and appeal. Mirror pool color: fine and quiet color, elegant and cool blue autumn is absolutely the most perfect match colors.

Flowers Sweetheart Satin Floor-Length Bridesmaid Gown Melbourne
Flowers Sweetheart Satin Bridesmaid Dresses Melbourne Sydney

With different color of the dress for bridesmaids look more lively, the colour of profusion and sparkling sequins in became blingbling below the illuminate of lamplight, so shine around the bride, bride appear more bright is dazzing. Bohemia strong color in the autumn of freedom and romantic, there is nothing more than it can reflect colorful autumn.

Yellow bridesmaid dress brings sweet feeling

Shoulder bridesmaid dresses sweet, give a person the first feeling very charming is spruce is the design of small formal attire skirt, especially suitable for bridesmaid dress in spring and summer wedding, in the light of the tender yellow color that light color fastens, because with the white wedding dress is very suitable.

A-Line Strapless Knee-Length Junior Bridesmaid Gown

A-Line Strapless Knee-Length Junior Bridesmaid Gown Discount Online Sale

Chiffon Sweetheart Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown

Chiffon Sweetheart Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown 2016 Online By

The color of skin and tender yellow lining as well the maid of honor, and seems to be used on fabric elastic emulation silk woven, give a person the feeling of very soft straight luster, and of course also generous and decent style design, upper body shoulder strap style, will set off a matron of honour is very fashionable and elegant, drape design, USES the chest at the same time in the chest decorated with a beautiful bow.

V-Neck Taffeta Short/Mini Ruffle Bridesmaid Dresses

V-Neck Short/Mini Ruffle Taffeta Bridesmaid Dresses Australia Sydeny Online

A-Line Knee-Length V-Neck Satin Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress

A-Line Knee-Length V-Neck Satin Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses Sydeny Affordable Online

Bowknot centered fold around, make the bridesmaid chest look more plump type, and add some sexy breath for the maid of honor, and the design of tall waist slightly, not only will the bridesmaid slender leg ministry line, but also to conceal a bridesmaid slightly protruding abdomen, every double design, and short skirt style, especially fashion charming is spruce, that’s too perfect.

Right bridesmaid wear to improve your charming

In a wedding, the existence of a bridesmaid is indispensable, and as a bridesmaid, her dress is very important, can neither too ordinary, again not to upstage the bride, you must have female friends also in distress, how to best friend’s wedding, the role of being a good bridesmaid, next, by the garment networking small make up for MM people solve this distress.

Chiffon Floor-Length Pleats Bridesmaid Dress
Chiffon Floor-Length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses 2016 Australia

After perfect tailoring, short before long, the three-dimensional cultivate one’s morality show thin, not too much adornment, simple and easy, foil the bride’s gorgeous, and incisively and vividly show their temperament, go, can’t drown in the crowd.

Satin Knee-Length Ruffle Blue Bridesmaid Gown
Satin Knee-Length Ruffle Blue Bridesmaid Gown Online Affordable

Pale pink bridesmaid dress, color was just right, neither a high-profile, again not vulgar, romantic festival, a traditional Chinese color, unique lace applique, fashion, classic princess dress edition type, reveal elegant aristocratic temperament.

A-Line/Princess Tea-Length Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress
A-Line/Princess Tea-Length Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Short Style

Package hip that wipe a bosom dress, sexy and fashionable, charming and delicate manual nail bead design, high-end grade, atmosphere of white dress with the bride’s wedding dress is tie-in, foil the bride’s beauty, make the wedding more beautiful.

Sweetheart Ruffle Satin Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown
Sweetheart Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown Store Image By Dressforau

Shoulder and hem to use network yarn material, beautiful and moving, temperament elegant, add bud silk, added the female’s gentle, light golden color, low-key but not ordinary, with the bride, not upstage the bride, and not covered under the gorgeous wedding clothes of the bride.

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What bridesmaid dresses to wear in hot summer

How to choose perfect dress rush fashion company bitch? What skills do you have in summer bridesmaid dress collocation? Let below small make up take a look at the summer bridesmaid dress collocation skill, help you build the bridesmaids.

First, pink

On behalf of the lovely, romantic, tender pink is the most popular bridesmaid dresses color, bridesmaid dresses, of course the main color. If you are accused of pink, pink, create a “the most critical bridesmaids”! Pink will never faded, and at the same time represents the bridesmaid to good love yearning.

Honorable A-Line Halter Bow Satin Tea-Length Bridesmaid Gown

Honorable A-Line Halter Bow Satin Tea-Length Bridesmaid Gown

Second, green

Green bridesmaid dresses give a person the sense with pure and fresh, quiet, very suitable for spring and summer wedding dress outside of marriage. Especially in the current season, an outdoor lawn wedding, warm sunshine jump between fresh skirt, beautiful and graceful. Sister wedding group on also can become the most beautiful spring scenery!

Dainty Square Neck A-Line Princess Handmade Flower Satin Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown

Three, candy color

Ming yan’s candy color, can not only add for the wedding festival, warm atmosphere, and the bride’s white wedding dress bring out the best in each other, can foil a bride more white gauze of pure beauty. Bright bridesmaid dresses a blessing, is also a couple represents joy.

Mint Adorable A-Line Princess Scoop Neck Chiffon Ribbon Trim Ankle-Length

A-Line Princess Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses Sydney 2016

Fourth, purple or light grey   

Elegant pale purple or light grey, low-key and gorgeous, just for a bridesmaid at the wedding “best supporting actress for” the role of. Blue bridesmaid dresses is very suitable for summer a romantic beach wedding, at the wedding of one phase is also as high.

Dignified A-Line Flower Sweetheart Satin Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown

2016 bridesmaid dresses released

 Bella Bridesmaid: Chicago   Bride: Kathryn Groves   Designer: Monique Lhuillier
Style(s): 450084 & 450087   Fabric: Tulle  Color: Blush
Photographer: Jean Smith Photography
  Bella Bridesmaid: Charleston  Bride: Annie Hutson McEwen  Designer: LulaKate
Style: Hannah   Fabric: Matte Silk  Color(s): Custom
Photographer: Gayle Brooker
 Bella Bridesmaid: Houston  Bride: Brittany  Designer: LulaKate
Style(s): Varied  Fabric: Silk Shantung  Color: Aubergine
Photographer: David Schwartz Photography
  Bella Bridesmaid: Nashville  Bride: Carrie Choate
Designer(s): Ceremony by Joanna August & Leona
Style(s): Varied  Fabric: Crepe De Chine & Chiffon Color(s): Varied
Photographer: Jonathan David Photography
  Bella Bridesmaid: West Hartford  Bride: Kimberly Shellman  Designer: Amsale
Style(s): Varied   Fabric: Silk Crinkle Chiffon
Color(s): Truffle, Champagne, Blush and Shell print Chiffon
Photographer: Candace Jeffrey
More to come from our blushing bride above, Kimberly Shellman…