Is going back the best way forward for fashion?

“I look at Domenico, who is not on any social networks, and he’s calmer than I am,” said Stefano Gabbana as we stood in the middle of Alta Moda Atelier on Friday, waves of pink and daffodil yellow silk tulle lapping at our feet, twinkly chandeliers overhead. (This is not your average work space. It is not your average fashion house, being still largely owned by its designers. They do things differently here).

 We were discussing the industry’s current one-solution-fits-all approach which places speed – of communication, if not always of delivery – at the heart of all its business briefings. “But that isn’t right for everything,” says Gabanna.

“Alta Moda (Italian haute couture) and ready-to-wear are completely different stories,” adds Domenico Dolce. “With ready-to-wear it’s about what’s hot now, what’s cool, what message are you trying to get across? You’re always aware that at the end of the day you have to sell a lot of clothes to millions of women”. (And by extension, perfume and accessories to tens of millions).

With Alta Moda it’s almost the opposite. “You have a direct line to your clients. You know who they are. You’ve built up relationships with them. You don’t have to sell a lot. You just have to keep the client happy, not with messages or trends, but clothes they can wear for every aspect of their lives”.

In the four years since Dolce and Gabbana launched Alta Moda, have become well acquainted with their clients. These days they approach a collection with a fuller understanding of what an Alta Moda client’s life is like, the clothes she requires “And they’re not the big showy gowns,” says Dolce. “What sells fastest is everyday pieces. It’s not just about special big events. These women – they want to live in Alta Moda. “

The venture has far exceeded even Dolce’s dreams. He was the one who agitated to do Alta Moda in the first place. Gabbana was far more cautious, skeptical even. Eight seasons on, the number of clients attending the show has doubled. There were 200 at this one. Others who prefer not to be there in person will place orders later. The atelier, constantly expanding, now employs 100 full time seamstresses. That the rest of the fashion industry, now at a disjuncture of season-logjam, jittery stock markets and faltering demand, should enjoy such success.

Perhaps most notably of all, in marked contrast with the ever proliferating roll call of disenchanted (and former) creative directors at other houses, both designers remain palpably enthused if not delighted by their jobs. And why not?  As owner designers they are masters of their fate.

How to share this story without over-sharing? There are probably now more than 20 journalists from around the world who come to the show, but no bloggers. These are reverse ratios at most couture shows. But, as Gabbana says, it’s first and foremost about the clients. Dolce and Gabbana have come to know so well what some of their customers want – one or two order as many as 12 outfits a season – they can design with them specifically in mind. With that level of personal relationship, “digital bombardment,” as Gabbana says, “isn’t appropriate”.

It’s certainly true that the short attention span of those swiping through their Instagram feeds seems instinctively incompatible with the painstaking concentration of the white-coated, black-lace collared seamstresses bent over their embroidery and silks. Yet Instagram also provides the public with hitherto unparalleled access to close-ups of that workmanship. Often it’s close-ups – of the spring/summer 2016 cross-stich floral dress that took six months to complete, for instance – that garner most likes. Depending on your followers these intimate glimpses of a hitherto closed world are more appreciated than yet another paparazzi style shot of the Kardashians.

Not that there are any Kardashians at an Alta Moda show. These dresses won’t be seen on any red carpet. Dolce & Gabbana value exclusivity. The impact lies not with a celebrity front row, but with the clothes themselves, and the innately Italian setting. This time it was the stage itself of La Scala, the first time any fashion label has been invited to take its place there.

Opera is to Italians what Shakespeare is to the British, but more accessible. “It’s like the Pope and the catholic church,” explained Dolce. He didn’t just mean the latter’s fondness for lavish clothes.

That helped though. The clothes in this new collection are of course, spectacular. The aforementioned “simple” (in its fit-and-flare shape) cross stitch dress. The floor lengths velvet cloaks (take-out trend from couture? It’s all about the cloak) and gowns with (real) gold embroidered pillars, so thick as to become 3-D. The jewelled cloque opera coats. The pink, bright yellow and emerald green ball-gowns with layers of white silk, illustrated with operatic scenes or images of Biki, a famous-in-Milan couturier between 1940 and 1960 who dressed many of Italy’s best dressed socialites…

But while Turandot vignettes were lovingly depicted in gold thread and beading across trains and bodices, it is the understated clothes that stay in your mind. A series of  black, fitted wool calf length dresses each had different seaming to contour different bodies and sleeves, some short, some almost knee-length. Ballerina-skinny, punctuated with columns of gold buttons, these are the kind of slender, second-skin sleeves one only finds in Alta Moda or couture.

Gradually black gave way to blush pink, baby blue, with single large blooms traced in velvet, satin and crystal appliqué. Three-piece trouser suits and tweed skirt suits were so deliciously fitted and timeless you could easily find yourself justifying spending the equivalent of a mid-price BMW on one. Or at least those are the sums I found myself doing.

Clients on the whole don’t participate in this kind of arithmetical hoop jumping. The wealth on display is astonishing. There are tiaras and crowns (and that’s just on the men) diamonds and trains – at 11 in the morning. “We learned quite early on that while we can do jewelled necklines for ready-to-wear, Alta Moda clients want to be able to show their own jewellery, Gabbana told me. “So we keep things more plain, and design necklines where you can do the necklaces.

The unbridled extravagance of their clients is another reason Dolce and Gabbana are sensitive about the social media presence. They are not immune to the world outside, even if some of their beyond-wealthy clients are. This, as much as an aura of discretion, is why initially the designers banned all social media from Alta Moda.

And yet, and yet… increasingly pictures from the Alta Moda shows appear on Instagram and even Snapchat. Who can resist wanting to share a blush pink velvet Alta Moda shoe with a pagoda inspired curved heel, or the netted, rose strewn head-wear, or an black lace evening dress with huge, cloud like sleeves, or a jewelled empire line gown that out-dazzles anything in the current BBC adaptation of War & Peace.

Photos by:

Despite requests to journalists not to put pictures on social media, Gabbana is often among the first to post pictures from the Alta Moda show on his feed.”Aaah,” he shrugs, “I only re-gram pictures the clients have posted. If they put it out there then I feel I can. Some want to share it with the world, others don’t” The beauty of Alta Moda is you can do both.

Introducing page for wedding party

One of my favourite parts of a wedding is when the Bride is getting ready in the morning.. and one of my favourite moments is when I get to see their dress for the first time… hanging with anticipation ready to be worn and loved and looked at and danced in.. it gives me goosebumps every time.  Over the past 3 years we’ve been lucky to photograph some absolutely beautiful dresses and back in November one of our Bride’s wore the sweetest dress you ever did see.. I had to have a little look myself at who was behind this beautiful dress… and when I found Ms Minna I was blown away.. and I think you guys might be too…

 Known for her love affair with lace, Finnish Designer Minna Hepburn launched her romantically bohemian wedding collection in September 2012.  The collection offers a range of affordable (£200 – £500), thoughtfully designed and lovingly hand embellished dresses.  To complete the vintage bridal look, the collection ofers a stunning range of veils, turbans and hair adornments too..

Minna was inspired by her customers wearing her dresses as bridal gowns, thus creating a separate collection to embrace the one-of-a-kind occasion.  She wanted to embody wearability and the eco-spirit within the collection; therefore the versatile dresses are designed to go from vows to cocktails to festivals..

The old marital good luck custom can be added to the dresses to create unique embellishments with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  A favourite love poem or wedding date can be hand embroidered to the dress as well and customers have Minna’s vast archive of lace fabrics to choose from.  The frocks can be altered according to your specification, and different fabrics can be used for Bridesmaids garments for a complete nuptial-look.  Fabrics used vary from creamy silks to detailed laces and chiffons.  The wedding collection stays true to the Minna brand with a rich palette of natural soft powder, ivory and white colours.. I must admit I’m in love with all of them..

Beautiful… bohemian and affordable… what more could you want!! I have a feeling Ms Minna is going to be a very busy lady… :)

You can see more of her wedding and non-bridal collection here..  There is also FREE worldwide shipping!! I’m going back for another look… ;)

Oh and here’s the gorgeous Lauren in her Mina dress…

Your friends will catch bridesmaid dresses

Matchy-matchy bridesmaids might be falling out of favor among brides — lots of brides are content to choose a color and let their friends each pick a dress, matchy-ness be damned. And still, your bridesmaids might prefer to just buy a specific dress that you’ve picked out, for several reasons: (1) They don’t have time (or the desire) to spend searching for the perfect shade of Burnished Unicorn’s Breath Lavender to coordinate with your carefully selected color palette. And (2) They want you to love the dress, which is a lot more likely to happen if you go ahead and pick it yourself.

If you’re okay with just sending your friends a “ATTN: BUY NOW!” bridesmaid dress link, check out the new Serenity collection from Donna Morgan, which features fabrics, silhouettes and details (sparkly sequins!) that your bridesmaids would probably choose to buy if left to their own devices.







Photos by china biggest occasion dresses designer and producer:

The phrase “wear-again potential” always feels like a sham — does anyone, ever? — but the tutu-looking dress would be SO cute for a wedding guest.

Check out the entire Serenity collection on, and click back often for an on-sale date. (It’s reportedly coming any day!)


Red evening dresses with happy feeling

Meet all say is good luck! That this met the greatest romantic is black and white fate! When the generous mysterious black and white in jacquard fabrics, the purity of quietly elegant meet meet bursts with some lace flower bud, is not only a romantic witness, traces of more delicate! And the existence of the inclined waist, it is a magic weapon to make you more tall secret oh!

Floor Length Crystals Scoop Neck Red Petite Evening Dresses UKFloor Length Crystals Scoop Neck Red Petite Evening Dresses UK

Red, belong to the color of royalty, this is the embodiment of a noble! At the neck and meets the delicate hand embroidery, a combination of both, the word is not a simple noble can covers the better! And vertical and horizontal combination of catching plait, is not only a hint of activity, is in a random sequence of comfortable calm, as if as long as you spin.

Special Red Evening Dress Shops With Floor Length Crystals V Neck 2/3Sleeves SatinSpecial Red Evening Dresses Shops With Floor Length Crystals V Neck By Joanne

All the good will with elegant skirt is placed, releasing the noble and light that belongs to you. Say work hard is the most handsome man, in fact, women versa! If coupled with appropriate exquisite fashion must be the perfect of the icing on the cake! Three-dimensional cutting of cultivate one’s morality, with high-grade fabrics, all-round show your figure curve shape!

Taky Floor Length Sweetheart Appliques Crystals Mermaid Prom And Evening DressesTaky Floor Length Sweetheart Appliques Crystals Mermaid Prom And Evening Dresses

Again with your smart elegant temperament in novel and distinctive falbala design, absorption and delicate embroidery diffuses out of sensibility, complete the inside and outside and repair, you are the Queen workplace! The first snow of the world, it was quiet and even the ears of the wind all clear!

Peplum Scalloped Sleeveless Satin Burgundy Mermaid Evening DressPeplum Scalloped Sleeveless Satin Burgundy Mermaid Evening Dresses

Under the deep V attract the line of sight free on delicate lace applique and exquisite and changeful fold, the bottom of my heart slowly rising fanatical passion! On the skirt of hanging, precise cutting and elaborate on the curve in wen wan, while enthusiasm met wen wan, is the moment when the belt was born! So amorous feelings, you’re worth it!

Cultures revel in christmas food traditions

When I was growing up our Christmas devolved into the bare minimum of traditions. After my brother and I stopped believing in Santa, we didn’t even wait until Christmas morning to open gifts. Someone, usually an elder in the family, rang a bell on Christmas Eve and out we’d come to open up the gifts. My mother, her sister and their cousins used to put on skits at Christmastime, too, performing songs with lyrics made up to point out some wacky behavior from another member of the family and sung to a popular tune. With fewer kids involved now, we don’t gather like that as much, but I still go to New Jersey/Pennsylvania to celebrate with my family. We have dinner on Christmas Eve at my aunt’s house – always with plenty of shrimp cocktail. My own cousins are there and one cousin’s kid. Last year, we played Cards Against Humanity. I had to explain a few of the terms to my step-dad. Awkward.

Traditions change, sometimes diminish, but when we still have them, they’re so important, something to look forward to and then remember. I just like that I can see my family and raise a glass to those there, and those gone.

Still, I have tradition envy. I see rituals and traditional foods eaten in other countries and want to do some cultural appropriation, especially when it comes to the food. Maybe some of you practice these at home already, taking a little from one side of the family, a lot from another.

In Spain, drink wine and whiskey, but snack on turron, a chewy nougat candy. It’s all paid for by the boss, too, who give their employees food and drink baskets.

There are so many great cookie traditions, too. In Germany, have pfeffernüsse, spicy ginger cookies with powdered sugar on top, and stollen, a fruit cake with spices, rum, and sugar glaze.

The Polish cookie, Chrusciki, is a bit less sweet, like a hard, bow-tie-shaped fried dough. They’re also enjoyed before Lent and sometimes have rum in the dough. In our area, you can find Kourabiedes, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies from Greece with a lot of almond flavor. They’re a bit like Russian Tea Cakes, which also have walnuts inside.

Down in Austin (and of course in Mexico and Guatemala), many Mexicans are making their holiday tamales by the dozen. In Canada, you’ll find poutine, the fries topped with cheese curds and gravy that are a French-Canadian cuisine staple.

In Sweden, they celebrate St. Lucia’s Day on Dec. 13 and the oldest girl in the family dresses up with a crown of candles. She gives her parents breakfast in bed with lussekatt, buns with saffron. And in Denmark, enjoy an almond and cherry rice pudding called rislamande (or Ris A L’Amande). I had some recently and now I eat it for breakfast!

When I worked at the Hungarian restaurant in New Jersey a few decades ago, the chef made beigli, a poppy seed cake. In France, they have an elaborate bûche de Noël. I see them all over now in fancypants bakeries. I think my favorite is the Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes, which is now mostly an Italian American feast which includes shellfish and salted cod, or baccalà.

This is the rislamande (or Ris A L’ Amande) recipe I’ve been making along with one for pfeffernüsse I first made 20 years ago and do each year. Or try to. This year I’ll be at my Dad and Step-Mom’s house for Christmas Day, and we’re having lasagna. I’ll bring the pfeffernüsse. And the wine.

Ris A L’ Amande (or risalamande)

The host or hostess adds one whole almond to the bowl and stirs it in. Whoever finds the almond while eating the dessert gets a little gift. I use canned or jarred cherries and add a little rum or aquavit to the sauce.

½ c.short grain rice

4 c. milk

a pinch of salt

⅔ c. sugar

1 t. vanilla extract

2 c. whipped cream

1 or 2 handful of almonds, blanched and chopped into slivers (except for that one almond)

Cherry sauce

1 small present

Bring the milk to a boil in a sturdy pot. Add the rice and simmer for an hour, stirring frequently to prevent burning. Add a pinch of salt.

Stir in the sugar and the vanilla extract and set the finished rice pudding in a cool place until it’s chilled. Just before serving, add the whipped cream and the almonds, stirring them in carefully. Add the whole almond. Serve chilled with warm cherry sauce.


4 c. all-purpose flour

1 t. baking powder

1/2 t. baking soda

1 t. ground white pepper

1 t. ground cinnamon

1/2 t. ground cardamom

1/2 t. ground ginger

3/4 t. salt

3/4 c. butter, softened

1 1/4 c. packed brown sugar

2 eggs

3/4 c. finely chopped almonds (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Combine dry ingredients and set aside.

In a separate bowl, beat butter and sugar together until light. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition.

Stir in dry ingredients 1/2 cup at a time. Add almonds, if desired. Roll into one inch balls and arrange 1 inch apart on ungreased baking sheet. Bake 11 to 14 minutes.

Cool and store in airtight containers for 3 days to mellow flavors.

Rachel Forrest is a former restaurant owner who lives in Exeter (and Austin). Her column appears Thursdays in Go&Do. Her restaurant review column, Dining Out, appears Thursdays in Spotlight magazine.

Post By: Joanne

First formal dance for locals occasion to remember

SHERIDAN — Three local agencies serving adults with disabilities teamed up to host a dance on Friday for the agencies’ clients at Sunrise Assembly of God. Outside, Marion Street was lined bumper-to-bumper with cars. Inside, it was just as packed.

Clients from Easter Seals, Eagle Ridge Rehabilitative Services and Rehabilitation Enterprises of North Eastern Wyoming were dressed in sparkling prom dresses, suits and ties. The women had gotten their hair and makeup done earlier by volunteers and they had corsages on their wrists. Some of the men wore fedoras.

It was Amir Schiffer’s first dance, and he was impressed.

“I get to hang out with all my friends from Eagle Ridge. And,” he said, “I know the deejay.”

Schiffer, 35, said the dance was bigger and better than the agency’s typical holiday gift exchange, and he’d been looking forward to it for a while.

“All November,” he said. “I think we should do this more often.”

Mabel Steinfeld was there for her daughter, Samantha, an Easter Seals client who works two days a week in the laundry room at Best Western.

“I like to see her all dressed up,” she said. Samantha chose a hot pink dress for the occasion. “It’s so nice, because these guys have never really been to prom.”

Event organizers estimated there were 75-80 participants — many more than expected. Before the dance kicked off, the party-goers paraded in pairs past cheering family and friends in a “grand march,” getting their photos taken.

“K, Showboat, you gotta keep driving,” the deejay said when one man slowed his wheelchair to a crawl to bask in the applause.

Charles Parker watches the action from his seat during the annual Unity Ball Friday at the Sunrise Assembly of God Church.
Justin Sheely | The Sheridan Press: Joanne

Staff members from the agencies dressed up, too, and someone in a giant snowman costume hammed it up, shaking his butt and giving high fives. Family members pointed out their sons, daughters and grandchildren to the people sitting next to them in the audience.

 When the king and queen from each of the three participating agencies were announced, the applause reached top decibel. One woman wiped away tears beneath her glasses as event organizers draped a royalty sash over her shoulders and set a rhinestone tiara on her head.

Stephanie Vela helped organize the event. Vela, who works at Rocky Mountain Ambulance and coaches the cheer team at Sheridan High School, is not affiliated with any of the participating agencies, but a part-time co-worker of hers at Rocky Mountain Ambulance attends one of their day programs.

Vela said she got the idea from her sister-in-law, who helped organize a similar event in Gillette this spring. With cash, food and clothing donations from her employer, Valley Motor Honda, Wal-Mart, Qdoba Mexican Grill and others, the event had all the trappings of a full-blown party: snacks, balloons, streamers and no shortage of oldies music.

Vela said she wanted something special for the group that they could remember. While most of the participants from older generations hadn’t been to a formal dance, Vela is happy to see that trend fading.

“Now, working at the high school, I see, you know, starting varsity football players taking special-needs girls to the prom, and asking them in the middle of the pep assembly.”

Vela plans to help organize another dance next year, expanding the invite list and charging for tickets as a way to raise funds for the agencies.

Charm cute petite cocktail dresses for young girls

Suddenly the wind, didn’t mean to raise your skirt, wake up the sleeping beauty, instantaneous occupation dress the edges. Mei red one kind of invisible magic, the single shoulder carefully sewing handmade three-dimensional flowers filled with charm, along the delicate catching plait, into the v-shaped neckline unique design, combined with high waist, hip on the skirt of spread to the package, let hand grasp plait achievement a kind of fashion.

Modern Purple A-Line Sweetheart Crystals Short Prom Dresses Cheap

Modern A-Line Sweetheart Crystals Short Purple Cocktail Dresses Cheap

Portrays the body curve, the design of cultivate one’s morality and removable opposed after the atmosphere of the place, the endless charm of bursting out a person get drunk. In the midst of the sea, like a dream everything is unreal, like the perspective of embroidered lace with short sleeves. Line of sight roaming the staggered under the single shoulder fold, elegant, delicate, yuet with sheen, ecstatic.

Strapless Chiffon A-Line Crystals Short Cheap Prom Dresses

Strapless Chiffon A-Line Crystals Short Cheap Petite Cocktail Dresses

Not only that, the bud silk embroidery skirt also fully, elegant, under the diamond ornament, with moonlight ZhengHui unexpectedly. Cut out the outline of the good figure of women of cultivate one’s morality, chic one shoulder decorated the charming collarbone, and the beaded skirt a wisp of a stripe of silks and satins, floating in the air, let dream world more dim. Air, vaguely floating the scent of a rose, is very exciting.

Vintage Sequins Sweetheart Sleeveless Satin Ivory Evening Dress

Vintage Sequins Sweetheart Sleeveless Satin Ivory Evening Dresses

Double color silk around core rose in pairs, blossom in the chest, very exaggerated, extremely use up fashion, with the attitude of synthetic-aperture show your aura. Strapless dress, with only a fine wrinkles in the garden, concise and easy, and peach pink belt decoration, instantly improve administrative levels feeling of the dress. No diamond ornament, so elegant is tonal, so wantonly fragrance, will surely make you a thrilling beauty in the venue.

Captivating Backless Halter Chiffon Sheath Floor Length Evening Dress Shops

Captivating Backless Halter Chiffon Sheath Floor Length Evening Dress Shops

See for the first time, you’ll never forget, white pure again back to the silence already a long time dream. Liuhua floating in the air, just like snowflakes, fall in the white dress, with a border of taffeta and net yarn, stereo, clever, skirt is placed on the lace flower is not flower tea. The fold of fragrance waft, cultivate one’s morality, draw the outline of waist, and skirt of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane mutual set off, both depict women’s sex appeal, and portrays the girl’s naive, in the picturesque dress world, brandish asperses your charming fragrance.

Hardly tear away from blue bridesmaid gowns

Sapphire for many years in Europe and the wedding industry has been classified as a classic color, one of the traditional symbol of loyalty in love. Dress designers in recent years with creative excavated belong to the color of new personality, the breakthrough tradition, opened up a new fashion of sapphire.

one shoulder blue bridesmaid dresses

2016 Cheap One Shoulder Long Blue Bridemaid Dresses For Discount

Brave, noble and mysterious, low-key luxury, full of charm and a unique taste of the queen, is a modern symbol of sapphire. The combination of tradition and fashion color, also has quickly become fascinates girls’ choice. Let the following blue dress with you experience the queen of noble temperament and bright.

Long Tiffany Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

New Arrival Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Online london For Sale

Sky-blue attune give a person a kind of pure and fresh and beautiful feeling, more foil a skin white and tender, delicate nail bead is active on the waist, clever and shining, and elegant skirt is placed in photograph echo, like fairy otherworldly. In the set off of blue lighted up with flashes of luxury, star fold fold.

blue bridesmaid dresses 2016

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses By China Professional Designer

Also chose a blue bridesmaid dress, the design of the v-neck and waist of catch a wrinkle design highlights a feminine woman. Strapless print dress with nifty and beautiful, and sweet little beautiful girl very take tone, shoulders with a brown leather texture bag special natural, youthful vitality, let a person full of vitality.

Whittington Bridal in Kingwood For London

Ensuring each bride that walks through the door has her “moment,” Whittington Bridal owners, Kari and Jenna, focus on making brides feel special, loved, beautiful, and most importantly, helping them find the wedding dress of their dreams.

 Akil Bennett | Houston Wedding and Portrait Photographer

We asked the ladies of Whittington Bridal all about their Kingwood bridal shop and what’s currently trending in the Texas bridal market:

What wedding dress trends are hot right now in your area?

A lot of our brides are requesting illusion necklines and are steering away from strapless wedding gowns.

What’s the number one thing your brides are asking for?

Dramatic backs are very important to our brides lately. We have had plenty of brides requesting low backs or some sort of beautiful back detail on their wedding dress.

How do you make the bride’s experience memorable?

From finding the dress, to dressing the bridal party, we are committed to making brides feel special and loved from start to finish. We don’t want brides to feel overwhelmed when gown shopping, so we provide brides an enjoyable, relaxing shopping experience. Each bride enjoys a private stage, large dressing room, and professional suggestions to bring the entire look together – which now defines the Whittington Bridal difference. We love for each bride to have her moment – from the time she walks through the door, to the celebratory champagne toast when she finds the perfect wedding dress!

What’s the most surprising request you’ve ever gotten from a bride?

Once a bride requested a Star Wars inspired wedding dress. She wanted it to match her constellation-themed wedding which was being held in the middle of the night during a meteor shower.

What’s your favorite wedding story from one of your brides?

Not long ago, I had the privilege of working with the sweetest bride whose dad passed away. Her best friend, also a Whittington bride, attended the appointment with her. After an emotional journey, she finally found the wedding dress of her dreams – Essense of London Style D1636! While getting ready to check out, her best friend’s dad made a surprise phone call to pay for her dream dress! This not only brought the bride to tears, but also the entire staff of Whittington Bridal!

What is the best advice you would give a bride as she is shopping for her wedding gown?

When purchasing a wedding gown, you’re not only paying for what you see, but also for what you don’t see. The main factors that influence how much a wedding dress costs is fabric, ornamentation (lace, beading, etc…), lining and inner construction. Wedding gowns with boning and higher grade of construction will fit you better. After all, you can’t put a price tag on a great fit.

For more information you can visit Whittington Bridal at 2665 Royal Forest Drive Suite 30, Kingwood, TX 77339, call them at (832) 644-5655 or visit them online at

A big space for free dresses

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS — You could say Janie Wood is all dressed up with no place to go.

She’s looking for a new storefront to continue her charity — and her passion — to provide formal attire for financially-strapped high school students and military brides.

“I need a home for these dresses. I am so devastated that I’m having to even think about moving all of them,” she said.

We’re All About the Dress is looking for a new home for its free formal wear.

There are thousands of dresses… racks and racks of elegant gowns.  Most of them were donated brand-new, and all of them are in perfect condition at her showroom, We’re All About the Dress, in a strip center at 6242 Rufe Snow Drive in North Richland Hills.

“This is a beautiful little dress, and we’ve had some girls trying it on,” she said, pulling one off the rack.

Wood has been collecting and giving away dresses since 2008.

“Last year we gave away more than 1,200,” she said.

Wood started this for high school girls who couldn’t afford a nice prom dress.  A few years ago, she began giving away wedding dresses for military weddings and balls, focusing on women who are in the service, or who are marrying into the military.

She proudly displayed photo albums of smiling, grateful brides. She pointed to one wedding photo she especially likes.

“That’s the dress she got.  And she’s in the Navy, in Virginia,” Wood said with a smile. She helps military brides as a way to honor her late brother, a Navy SEAL. Wood also gives away shoes, jewelry, makeup, and wedding accessories.

The old landlord donated space for We’re all about the Dress. But a new owner wants rent Janie Wood can’t pay, even though it’s just a fraction of the market rate.

“Gave us the news we have to move in 30 days. That was 30 days ago,” she said.

Wood understands the business aspect, and is thankful she still has a place… for now.  But she said donations she receives don’t even cover electricity and insurance.

“You know, the girls come in, and it’s cold.  I explain to them we don’t have any air or heat,” she said. “They say, ‘That’s OK… we need a dress!’”

Wood recalled the homecoming queen candidate who was about to leave in tears until she found just the right gown.

Teachers bring kids from Dallas. She once sent a dress to a desperate student in California.

So Janie Wood is looking for someone around Tarrant County with a big space… and a big place in their heart. The only payoff is gratitude.

She read one of the many messages she’s received from a bride: ”You guys made our dreams come true.  Love, and God bless. The Sheppards, US Army.”

Janie Wood can be reached at, or call 817-412-0727.